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Great Whites Attack LED Driving Light Bar Backlit 9 x 5W LED’s


9 LED Attack Bar Driving Light
Part Number: GWB5094
with backlight

NB: Wiring Harness Not Included

Wiring Harness Part Number: GWA0007

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Great Whites Attack LED Driving Light Bar Backlit 9 x 5W LED’s

Designed for off-road enthusiasts and transport drivers are searching for higher performance driving lights which allow them to see further with greater clarity.
Great Whites Attack utilise cutting-edge iris reflector technology to provide exceptional output without a bulky unit.
Drivers are able to see further with fewer LEDs and lower current draw.
3 Year Warranty* Conditions Apply
Effective Lumens: 3,302
Raw Lumens: 4,500
1 Lux at: 320m
Amperage: 3.41A @13.2V
Wattage: 345W
Input Voltage: 11-32V
Weight: 0.95kg
LED type: XTE-HE
Colour Temp: 6000K
IP Rating: IP68/69K
Dustproof & Water Submersible: Up to 3 metres
Vibration Dampened & Shock Proof: Up to 21Grms

Height: 68.5mm
Length: 335mm
Depth: 54.5mm

Added Features
Iris reflector & optics combo
Iris reflector lenses are used for distance while elliptical optics provide body to the beam pattern Reducing eye strain.
The colour spectrum of LED is closer to that of sunlight which reduces eye strain. LEDs spread a crisp light ahead of the vehicle, enabling excellent peripheral vision.
The 50,000+ hour operating life of an LED driving light is a more cost effective option than the 2,500 hour life of an HID driving light
Instant on
No warm up period for the performance LEDs and the back-lit housing helps you be seen in low light conditions
Latest LED technology
Cutting edge LED technology delivers enhanced light output using fewer LEDs, allowing for more light, from smaller units.
Pulse width modulation (PWM)
Integrated circuitry flashes the LED faster than the human eye can see for reduced heat and prolonged LED life
Integrated electronic thermal management (ETM)
Regulates heat levels to prolong the lifespan of the LED by engaging PWM
Environmentally sealed fly lead with Deutsch connectors
Ensure a secure and reliable connection, safe from water and dust thanks to a high quality Gortex valve which allows the light to ‘breath’ without letting any moisture in.

Local laws may regulate the use of Driving Lights on motor vehicles travelling on public roads. It is recommended that you check relevant laws prior to installing your new Great Whites.
* Conditions apply **An LED’s functional life is rated up to a point where the LED has reached 30% lumen depreciation. After 50,000 hours, the LED would still be operational, but at a decreased lumen output of 70%.


Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 335 × 68 × 54 cm


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